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fire whip largs scotland

Fire whip as part of a fire show

magic rope trick

Close up magic in shopping center

street magic glasgow

Street magic in Glasgow

stilt walking scotland

Stitwalking promotion

juggling fire glasgow

Fire juggling in Glasgow

fire poi viking festaval Largs

Fire poi at the Vicking festival Largs

jugger edinburgh frindge

Walk of death at Edinburgh fringe

cutting with a whip edinburgh scotland

Whip cracking "The mound"

Stilt walking with a police horse

She is not on a shetland pony. It is a full sized police horse

magic craig tarra

Stage show as "The Magic Juggler" at Craig Tarra Ayr
with my assistant Igor.

led light pennyfarthing

My penny farthing all light up for the festival of light in Irvin
whip bannockburn

A "street" show at Bannockburn Festival 2014
Angus the jester balancing his borbal

Dean Castle
The first outing for Angus Mc Laugh. Costume and props have became more authentic since I started to work with Historic Scotland and Living History Scotland.
jester fire juggling

Fire juggling
I survived.

jester on his hobby horse

Troy the wooden horse

jester juggling cannon balls

Juggling Cannon balls

jester whip cracking

Target Whipping
Orange spat in my eye

"He Spat in my eye"
magic with an orange

tarten juggler on roller bowller

Juggling Knives on a roller bowler

jester doing a Rope magic at linlithgow palace

Rope magic at Linlithgow Palace

Young Assistant helps jester

A Young knightly helper

fuzzy funny juggling

Funny juggling with Fuzzy in Germany.

fuzzy the juggler rolla bowller

Knives juggling on Rollabowler

Penny Farthing

Giving a young chap a go on my penny farthing at a cycle event.

fuzzy the juggler in Glasgow science centre

Knives juggling at the Glasgow Science Centre
fuzzy the juggler doing rope trick

Close up rope magic in a market in Glasgow.
fuzzy the juggler with a golden eagle Sky

Fuzzy with Sky the golden eagle.
The eagle never picked
 the card. The spectators chose a card and it appeared under his wing.
fuzzy the juggler doing the walkofdeath

Fuzzy performing the walk of death

jester juggling

Juggling a mashety, an axe and a baseball bat

jester diabalo

jester magic

Kids magic
jkester end of show

End of the show

Brownie Circus badge

I have been made an honery Brownie
and got my Circus Badge.

Hobby Horse Jousting

Hobby horse jousting at the Bruce festival
Dunfermline.  This is new, we (me and the good Lady Mc Laugh) bring the tent flags loads of houses, lances and a target.  The kids and some adults supply the fun.

Que for hobby horse jousting

Young knights prepare to joust on the list.
Medieval tent

Angus Mc Laugh now has a tent for a base or backdrop for the show.

Balincing a Unicycle on Fuyzz's chin

Balancing a unicycle on my chin

Riding a Pennyfarthing

Riding my Penny farthing in Aberdeen.
jester magic

Doing My thing making people happy.
jester linlithgow

An impromptu close up show just gets bigger.

juggling glow clubs

Juggling LED Clubs
an alternative to fire
Edinburgh Frindge

Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe
Scottish fasion awards
I made that.
santa steam train
Juggling for kids at santa's steam train
New costume.
New look priate captain
Seemore the stilt walker
Meet and greet for shop opening.
Seemore the stiltwalker yes I can do it.
Strange who you meet on stilts.
Seemore at the SECC
Scotbuild back again.
mini bike.
Mini bike fun. Gets harder each year.
fuzzy show
I can do a show anywere.
Britta Benson
Britta Benson Six foot of niceness.
vitorian day penny farthing
Riding my penny farthing for a victorian day.
knight school
Knight School. Hobby Horse jousting.
Angel of DEATH
First outing for the Angel of DEATH
close up magic
Close up magic on snta's train.
web of fire
Web of fire and juggling.
scottish jester
Jester in Stirling castle.
Seemore stilt walker
Builders convention
Santa and juggler
Fun with Santa.
fun with whip
Multi tasking juggler

Scottish fashion show 2011

I was asked to make the hats, garters and a dress for the Scottish Fashion Awards 2011.  They also asked me to do the table decorations and some large sculptures for the awards evening.

For more information or to book Graham please call 01236 782 649 or E-Mail